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Dennis Harper, DC Letter to Senator Crapo Concerning The Future of Health Care In The US

Hello Senator Crapo,                                                                                                                       9/17/2020

                This is a third time I have sent this letter.  I have added some new items to it.  Would very much appreciate a response.  I had previously sent a letter discussing my concerns about the future of health care in the United States.  You and I have discussed this very topic at length numerous times.  Below are some areas of deep concern to me, and I am more than willing to help in whatever capacity needed.

                After practicing for nearly 40 years I have seen numerous changes that have led to the increase of cost to operate a business yet do nothing to increase the quality of care being given. Often forcing doctors and patients to accept a treatment plan based on what insurance will pay for rather than what is best for the patient. This environment is unfriendly to private practitioners, forcing them into hospital groups which are being bought out by large corporations who’s investors want large profit margins, and have little concern for the quality of services given.  If there is balance a physician can make a great wage, give quality care and not over charge patients.

                The first point I’d like to cover is the incorporation of ICD 10 codes.  This was extremely expensive to incorporate into office’s and train staff.  This causes more work for staff and provider and does nothing for patient care.  As a chiropractor we had 16 diagnostic codes with the ICD 9.  Now with the ICD 10 we have 256 codes.  This is cumbersome and nonproductive.  A lot of agencies have added people on just to implement ICD-10 which cost the agencies more money and the doctor’s more money. Increasing staffing needs and raising overhead.

                The other major overhead issue was the  incorporation of meaningful use.  Which was legislated about 10 years ago.  This cost tens of thousands of dollars in software and numerous Government agencies o build the program.  It has proven to be totally ineffective.  It is been thrown out of most offices and only being monitored at some of the hospitals.  This program needs be eliminated and closing the federal agencies involved.  This program reduced efficiency in offices by 30% adding more staff people to document items that no one ever used.

                Conservative care can reduce or eliminate the need for more invasive procedures. I would give an example of what we have done for treatment on knees.  At the present rate if I took 100 knees and sent them for replacement the cost would be about $5,000,000 to Medicare.  With conservative care and some of the injectables we have used it would be easy to reduce that number in half.  It would cost around $200,000 to save $2.5 million.  In the last 12 years we have been able to eliminate low back and neck surgeries upwards of 90%.  The cost of treatment for  low back and neck cases are less than $1000 per case.  The savings is over 95% of the cost of low back surgery which could be anywhere from  $35-75,000 each.            

                The challenge in using these treatments is something called Standard of Care.  Standard of care is dictated by what 5 MDs in an area would do.  If you came in with high cholesterol they would give you medication.  If they do not give you medication but counseled you in nutrition they would be in violation of standard of care and would be at risk of sanctions by their medical boards and could even lose their license to practice!  He came in with low back pain they would do physical therapy for 6 weeks at about $150 per treatment 2-3 times per week and prescribe meds. The next step would be an MRI, then off to the pain clinic for a series of 3 injections at a cost of appx. $7000. From there neck or low back surgery would be performed. That is called the standard of care in the Western medicine paradigm.  Doctors need to be allowed to work outside the standard to care to initiate alternative care.  One of my expertise is actually doctors defense and malpractice cases.  I’ve been doing cases for about 35 years.  I consider myself somewhat of an expert on what standard of care is.  Failure to follow the standard of care results in suspension or loss of license and possibly sanctions.

                A recent example was a medical doctor doing high-dose vitamin C on a patient in the hospital that was septic.  Standard septic patients have a 95% chance of dying. This MD had a 100% survival rate in the patient he treated.  Because he was not following the standard of care he was  scrutinized and reprimanded.  Even though he saved patients that would have died.

                If a Medicare patient opts for alternative care for cancer they can be immediately dropped from receiving Medicare services.  Even though alternative care is not covered by Medicare.

                I am giving you some small examples that potentially are changeable.  I have given a truly short description of each of these examples above.  But these are all doable changes for the health care system.  I believe a national change in the system would make more of a difference then adding insurance for everyone that prohibits true health care, is expensive and does nothing to enhance health care.

                I have several items on You-Tube plus many things posted on my face book pages.  Covid- 19 as you know is the biggest cluster out there.  There is so much misinformation that it is hard to sort out truth from fiction.  I am very adamant that we build a separate committee independent from the drug companies, vaccine manufacturers, and other “special interest groups to evaluate all the data.  I don’t believe the data  we are getting is accurate. The financial interest of many determine what we are hearing. Everything I have read about vaccination’s indicates that the more vaccinations we get the weaker the immune system becomes.  If we look at charts internationally the US is one of the sickest nations in the world.  It also spends 4 times more money than any other health care system in the world.  It is obviously dominated by the drug companies and expensive services.  It is time to put the brakes on the system.  The death rates from the Covid in this country is largely due to flu shots, 5G and the fact that we have one of the unhealthiest populations in the world.

I would enjoy working towards change in some of these items and offer suggestions about the direction we need to go.

Please contact me at your convenience,.

Dennis Harper DC

Action steps and questions:

  1. Who is monitoring the agencies doing Meaningful Use?
  2. Who mandates the use of ICD 10 codes?
  3. Why can’t we have an independent group evaluate the Covid crisis?
  4. Are we going to have mandatory vaccinations?
  5. Where are the peer reviewed studies on mask effectiveness to prevent the spread of disease in the general population?
  6. Are the lack of vaccinations likely to effect peoples work and travel?
  7. Is the  government going to allow chips to be put in people?
  8. I want to know exactly where the Senator stands on all of these issues. The time for silence is over!