Dennis Harper, DC
presenting at Harvard

Dennis Harper has been speaking nationally for many years in his role as an instructor in the health care field. In an exercise to increase his connection to his audience he spoke at Harvard where he learned to engage his audience, form a bond with them, sharing a personal experience that impacted his life. This has helped him to consistently deliver informative and exciting content to an audience that remains engaged in his message. It is important as a public official to be able to effectively communicate with diverse groups of people. You can be extremely knowledgeable about a topic but ineffective at
communicating that to your audience. There is no substitute for good communication skills.

Dennis Harper DC
giving a speech at AAO in CUBA:

Dr. Dennis Harper has been instrumental in changing the attitudes of doctors and patients on a national as well as international level about what true health care should look like. He has spoken at numerous
conferences all over the world in the last several years. His dynamic attitudes about actual healthcare may be instrumental in changing the direction of health care in the future. It is important we understand the vast difference between acute/trauma care and true “Health care.” It makes more sense to promote prevention of disease and pay for preventative care than to throw millions of dollars at treating the symptoms of disease, never actually curing the disease.

Fertilization program


Dennis Harper started working in the late 90s to try to improve the environment in Dworshak Reservoir. This included working with the Corp of Engineers, Idaho Fish and Game, Nez Perc Tribe , DEQ, Forest Service, and State and Local Officials. With his own money he brought in top experts in fertilization from Canada and Colorado. This push inspired the fertilization program that’s been ongoing for over 7 years on the reservoir. The growth has seen increased bass populations and more stability in kokanee populations. It has increased the overall health of the reservoir tremendously.
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