Dennis Harper DC

Running for the
Idaho House of Representatives,
District 7A in 2020!



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  • Idaho’s primary election to remain on May 19, will be conducted by mail
    Dennis Harper DC is asking for your vote!! Please vote by absentee ballot!!! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! #VoteEarlyIdaho – Monday March 30, 2020 Boise, Idaho – Governor Brad Little and Secretary of State Lawerence Denney announced today there will be no change in Idaho’s primary election date of May 19. The election will be conducted […]

Dr. Dennis Harper longtime resident and business owner has announced his intention to Run for District 7A Representative. Pricilla Giddings currently holds this position.

Dr. Harper has held many prominent positions within the State of Idaho including State Board of Chiropractic Physicians, serving 12 years on that board beginning in 1987. He helped shape many of the rules and laws that served our Chiropractic physicians for many years. He is Current and past Public Affairs Chairperson for the Orofino Chamber of Commerce. Been on Advisory panels with Former Governor Butch Otter, Senator Mike Crapo, LCSC Advisory Board member and past Chairman.

He has practiced in Idaho since 1980 and run a very successful Chiropractic practice here in Orofino since 1984. He has been an active member of the Idaho Association of Chiropractic Physicians since 1981. Moving to Idaho upon completion of his Education from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. He moved to Idaho to “hunt and fish” having become enchanted as a young boy with Idaho, after seeing a photograph of his father and Red Porteous hunting in Dixie, Idaho.

He has spent many years working with the Corp of Engineers and Dworshak Reservoir on various committees; creating and pushing the Fertilization Program on Dworshak Reservoir which has been a huge boon to our previously struggling bass and trout populations. Creating a nutrient rich environment for our fish and the overall health of their environment.

Dennis Harper brings a wealth of information and experience as diverse as the beautiful State we live in. From the perspective of landowner, businessman, health care provider, recreational enthusiast, education, job opportunities, vocational rehab, affordable health
care and rural access, and EMS services.

He has been a member of the Republican Party for 40 years, he has solid Conservative views, is a strong supporter of protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights and the freedoms that we are guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States, preserving these rights for future generations. Ensuring that Idaho continues to be run by Idahoans.